DIY: Tufted Sofa Cushion Repair



Tufted sofas are  my go to choice for sofa styles.  The little extra embellishment and detail added by the button makes for an excellent looking sofa.  The downside to this style of sofa is of course the same feature that makes it so great – the button. A missing, detached button on your tufted sofa totally ruins the overall look. But, not to worry! If your sofa’s cushion is removable, you can get your button reattached quick and easy!

Items Needed:

  • buttons
  • upholstery thread and upholstery needle
  • fabric pen
  • needle nose pliers
  • scissors

Tufted cushion diy repairThe first step is to round up all the  buttons.  If some happen to be missing, new ones can be purchased from most craft stores or specialty sewing shops. Using a washable fabric pen, make a small dot where the button is going to be placed.Design School Tufted Cushion RepairThread an upholstery needle with  24 inches heavy duty thread, double over and secure with a knot. Upholstery needles have a larger eye than your typical needle to allow for thicker thread to fit through.  Also, since you will be threading through a cushion, a longer needle works best.


Design School Tufted Cushion Repair DIY Tutorial

Insert into the underside of the cushion, and pull through to come out at the spot where you marked the fabric with your pen.   Some heavier fabrics make it difficult to force a needle through, in this case it can be helpful to use needle nose pliers to grab ahold of the needle and guide it the rest of the way through the cushion. Sew through the button hole then re-insert the needle into the cushion, and sew back to the under side of the cushion. Do this several times to secure the button to the cushion, then pull the needle through the under side, make a double knot, and then clip your thread.

Design School Tufted Cushion Repair DIY Tutorial

You’re all done, now step back and admire your handy work.  The same process can be repeated to tuft standard cushions, and give them a little more oomph!




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